Do I need a Visa?

Portuguese citizens travelling on a Portuguese passport do not require a visa when travelling to South Africa for tourism or business meetings, for an intended stay of 90 days or less, or when in transit.  If the intended stay will exceed  90 days, then a valid visa is required.  For information on work and other types of visas, please consult the section entitled "How do I Apply?".

For more information on passport holders who are exempt from visas for South Africa, please click here.

Public attendance for applications: Monday to Friday – 8:30 to 11:00 (public holidays excluded)



1) The Embassy does not provide photocopying, printing or fax services to applicants.

Applicants must therefore ensure that they produce photocopies / print-outs together with original personal documents and applications, e.g. passports, identity documents, certificates, etc.