At the invitation of the Director of the Guarda Polytechnical Institute’s Higher School of Tourism and Hospitality, Dr. Adriano Costa, the Mission took part in the School’s Open Day held on 20 May 2016 and had the opportunity to speak to prospective students about South Africa's rich history, culture and tourism attractions. 

The Mission wants to thank the School for a well-organized event and the lovely lunch prepared by the students in the School’s mock restaurant.  We hope to come back one day to the lovely town of Seia to offer students the opportunity to prepare and sample some of South Africa’s culinary delights.

Below is Counsellor Hanna de Beer and Maria da Luz Marques of the Mission accompanied by the President of the Guarda Polytechnical Insitute, Dr. Constantino Rei, and the Director of the Higher School of Tourism and Hospitality, Dr. Adriano Costa.  The students also demonstrated how they are being well-trained for a future career in the hospitality business by showcasing some of the specialties they have learned to prepare.  Well done!