On 27 August 2018 Ambassador Gaoretelelwe met with Tiago Oliveira, President of the Mission Structure for Integrated Rural Fire Management System in Portugal, and was introduced to two South African wildfire management experts from Kishugu (Working on Fire), Mr. Adriaan Prinsloo and Mr. Carl van Loggerenberg. They are in Portugal over the next month to work with the operational forces of GNR (Portuguese Republican National Guard) under the technical and professional cooperation programme developed by the Integrated Rural Fire Management Agency. The meeting also included Tomas Azevedo, Diplomatic Advisor to the Prime Minister, whose Office is overseeing this programme.

Following Portugal’s tragic 2017 wildfire destruction and more recent wildfires in the Algarve and Guarda, the Kishugu representatives with wildfire experts from other countries like Australia, USA, and Chile are assisting and co-operating with the local authorities in their 2018 fire season which is currently underway.