Press Releases

On 5 December 2018, 5 years since the death of Nelson Mandela, the South African Embassy with NOVA University hosted a Conference: “Moving the Mandela legacy forward in Academia: It is in our hands”. The Portuguese Minister of Justice Francisca Van Dunem presented the closing remarks and the former President Jorge Sampaio – the first recipient of the United Nations Nelson Mandela Prize - gave a testimonial, concluding a panel discussion by leading academics and students.  A special thank you to all the participants, including Nova University Rector, Prof. João Sàágua, Prof. Jorge Braga de Macedo (Nova University), Prof. Isabel Capeloa Gil (Lisbon Catholic University), Prof. Teresa Pizarro Beleza (Nova University), Prof. Nuno Ferrand (Porto University), Prof. Luís Brites Pereira (Nova University) and the students from Portugal and South Africa, who took part in this final tribute of the 2018 Mandela Centenary celebrations.