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SA today, 18 March registered 116 confirmed cases, which is an increase of 38 cases. Of these cases two travelled from Portugal to the Western Cape.   You are urged to note and act on the SA Government’s Measures announced on 15 March 2020 as included on SAE Website and FB. The President urged South Africans to cancel all non-essential travel both internationally and nationally. There is a travel ban from high-risk countries to SA, while travellers from Portugal as a Medium Risk country at present will require to do high intensity testing on arrival.  

The SAE at present remains open but operating with limited hours until 12.30 only. Consular Services will continue but on an appointment basis only. 

TELEPHONE ENQUIRIES will be handled from 09:00 to 12:00 only on Mondays to Fridays (exluding Embassy Public Holidays) on +351 213 192 200.


For international and domestic calls: +351 964 151 989.


The Total number of people infected is 448 confirmed with 2 deaths.

Please note that the City of Ovar, +/- 250 km north of Lisbon is on lockdown after 30 cases were registered in this small town.

Are there any flight restrictions from and/or to Portugal ?

The PT Prime Minister made the following flight restrictions announcement on 17 March 2020, please note that SA and Angola are not included!

- Portugal declared that from 24h00 on 18 March, all flights to and from non-EU countries will be suspended, excluding the following countries where there are large Portuguese communities: USA, Canada, South Africa and Venezuela.  However, since the USA and Canada have banned flights from Europe, flights will only be resumed to these countries by Portugal after they have lifted their bans;

- All flights to Brazil, except to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, are also cancelled; 

- Portugal will also maintain flights to the African Portuguese-speaking countries (Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé and Príncipe);

- All connections to neighbouring Spain (flights, trains and road)  are closed plus strict border control except for essential goods);

- Flights to EU countries are maintained except where those countries have closed their borders.

Update on  other measures:

- A State of Emergency is expected to be announced by the President on the evening of 18 March and taking effect as from 24H00 on 18 March, which may include lock-down.  State Council meeting is to be held this morning, followed by approval of State of Emergency in Parliament as declared by the President;

- Minister of Finance announced €9.2 billion in credit lines, 3 billion of which for most hit economic sectors, plus credit moratoriums and flexibility in payment of taxes;

- Further measures directly aimed at families to be announced later;

More information is available on the following links

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