Press Releases

In celebration of International Nelson Mandela Day 2022, the South African Embassy organized a collection of baby products to donate to the AJUDA DE MÃE institution that supports young mothers and their babies.  This institution was founded in 1991 and runs both shelters and education programmes for young mothers, helping them to stay in school and further their education as well as prepare them for the workplace.  The Embassy visited AJUDA DE MÃE on 21 July, where the Ambassador had the opportunity not only to hand over the Embassy’s donation but also to talk to the young mothers about Nelson Mandela and the importance of education for their future as mothers and citizens.  We wish to thank all the people at AJUDA DE MÃE for welcoming us, particularly Ms Madalena Teixeira Duarte who heads the institution, and to all those who donated items, including members of the public. 


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