Press Releases

In partnership with the Moinho da Juventude Cultural Association and the Pavilhão do Conhecimento Science Museum, the South African Embassy  this year celebrated International Nelson Mandela Day by taking a group of 46 children from the Cova da Moura neighbourhood in Amadora on an educational visit to the Museum.  On the bus to the Museum., the children were reminded of Nelson Mandela’s legacy and message, particularly his emphasis on education. Separate programmes were prepared according to the different age groups, which ranged between 3 and 16.  The group was welcomed by the Museum’s President, , Dr. Rosália Vargas and other members of the staff. During the three hours that the children spent at the Museum, they had the opportunity to try different science experiments and explore various exhibits.  Mid-morning, the children were provided with a snack consisting of a sandwich, juice and cereal bar. 

All the participants, including teachers and representatives from the Moinho da Juventude Cultural Association, were very satisfied with the special event that was provided to children who often have few opportunities to do activities outside their neighbourhood, particularly during the summer school break. Embassy staff also enjoyed this opportunity to dedicate a few hours of service to the community in honour of Madiba’s legacy, specifically with a focus on education and learning, which Mandela said was the most powerful weapon to help change the world!

The Mission wishes to convey its deepest appreciation to the Pavilhão do Conhecimento Science Museum and Moinho da Juventude Cultural Association for their energetic support and cooperation with this initiative.  Thank you also to the Portuguese-South-African Chamber of Commerce and Trade (CCILSA) and Padaria Portuguesa for their assistance with supporting the event and making it possible.  As Madiba used to say:“ it always seems impossible until it is done!”